Personal comments from the Visitors’ Book
Sittrarangam, The Small Theatre Madras (1987, 1988)


Comments by experts

”Beautifully and very imaginatively conceived. India needs theatres of this kind in every village.”—Goverdhan Panchal, Professor of Theatre Architecture, National School of Drama, New Delhi

”Ideally suited for holding concerts ... serene and solemn.”—Prof Dr Seetha, Head of Dept. of Music, University of Madras

Comments by hosts and organisers

”Madras has now become richer by a small but rare jewel in the shape of the Sittrarangam.”—V. Ramamurthy (I.A.S.), Government. of Tamil Nadu

”Sittrarangam is a remarkable boon as an auditorium with perfect audio distribution and right ambience.”—K.S.S. Rajan, President, Sampradaya

Comments by noted artists

”It is a pleasure to listen to mikeless concerts here.”—Sangeetha Kalanidhi T. Brinda

”Delightful dancing at this theatre.”—R. Radha

”A memorable experience, participating in mikeless music at the Sittrarangam.”

—Chitravina N. Ravikiran

Comments by visitors

”It has been a totally new and unique experience for me ... an excellent representation of what we can produce from the best of our traditional architectural practices with aesthetic sense.”—Brig. R.C. Mathur

”The beautifully conceived architecture of the auditorium takes us back thousands of years to the pure recesses of our ancient culture. And so the wonderful acoustics carry us to the purest sound. For a person concerned with aesthetics of our traditional music there can be no better setting.”—R. Venugopal, Mg. Director, Spencer and Co., Chennai